In-House Executive Search


In-House Executive Search


Many businesses have already realised the high-value cost benefits (and enhancements to their employer brand) gained by bringing the recruitment function in house.

This specially-designed course is focused on enabling HR Directors and Heads of Resourcing to extend this capability to Executive Search. This includes looking into the business benefits of doing so, and providing the practical tools to set-up the function and operate it effectively.


Session One
  • Evidence and Statistics on the cost benefits of In-House Executive Search
  • Changes in technology and the market that facilitate a move in-house
  • The benefits to your Employer Brand and wider business
  • Group discussion
Session Two
  • The organisational structure
  • Defining the objectives of your Executive Search team
  • Engaging your senior team
  • Exercise in small groups
Session Three
  • Internal and external marketing
  • Use of Talent Mapping and research
  • Communication and training
  • Measurement and assessment
  • Small group work
Session Four
  • Ensuring an outstanding Candidate Experience
  • How to ensure offers are accepted
  • Live examples of In-House Executive Search
  • Group discussion

What will be achieved?

  • The business case to engage people at a senior level
  • Understanding of practical and effective methods on how to create and implement an in-house function within your business
  • How to introduce an effective candidate experience, looking at what executive search firms do to ensure offers at senior level are accepted

What’s included?

  • Pre-Course Preparation
  • Comprehensive Training Manuals
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Training Report (including delegate feedback)
  • Post Course Support
  • Training Review (after 8 weeks)

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